Домой Разное Why buy hours of views on YouTube?

Why buy hours of views on YouTube?


Youtube views are one of the most obvious indicators of the relevance and quality of the content provided. In order for monetization to spread to the video, it is necessary to have at least 1000 subscribers on the channel and at least 4000 hours of views. It can be extremely difficult for novice video bloggers to promote their channel, but they really want to have income from their videos. That’s why some bloggers resort to cheating hours of views on their videos. To learn more about the prices and the process of the watch cheat service on YouTube, you can visit the Smmtrend page. A large number of YouTube users use the services of cheating hours of views and subscribers in order to bring their channel to the top as soon as possible and gain their audience as quickly as possible. Buy public watch hours.

People often judge the relevance of content by the indicators of views, likes and reposts. Cheating hours of views is needed in order to bring the video clip to recommendations and earn maximum popularity with the audience. But if your content is really not high-quality and not interesting, then even cheating hours of views will be useless for you, and you will just waste your money and time.

Based on the algorithms of Youtube, if in the near future after the release of the video, there is a good activity of subscribers: reposts, likes and views, then this video will definitely fly into the top of recommended videos and, accordingly, the channel will gain even more popularity.

Indicators of the quality of cheating hours of views on Youtube.

1. An indicator of a good cheat is the indication of views from the country you are targeting. Since bots from different countries, and especially India, can attract the attention of YouTube.

 2. The greater the retention, the better. Basically, the price for the cheat depends on the retention. For the best result, you should wind up withholding at least 40 percent.

3. High-quality cheat hours of views should come from different sources. These are usually notifications, search, and various external sources.

4. Also, there should be visibility of subscribers on the channel. For the good development of the channel, subscribers should put likes, make reposts, and ideally leave a comment under the video.